Paris Garden, SE1

This website provides information on the proposed development at 16-19 Hatfields and 1-5 Paris Garden in Southwark.

Project Overview

Overcourt Ltd are bringing forward proposals for a new commercially-led development on the site that would bring significant new employment opportunities and public realm benefits to the local area.

The proposals include refurbishment and expansion works to two existing Grade II listed buildings on the site at 1-3 Paris Garden and 16-17 Hatfields, as well as the introduction of a new commercial office building, new retail units, a new east-west route through the development and new public spaces.

Planning and Listed Building Applications Submitted

Planning and Listed Building Consent Applications were submitted in November 2017 and the case reference numbers are 17/AP/4230 and 17/AP/4231. We expect a decision to be made in the coming months.

Overcourt Ltd, advised as part of the development team by respected architects, KPF, is proposing to deliver a commercially-led scheme on the site. The existing buildings include 2 blocks of Grade II listed buildings at 1-3 Paris Garden and 16-17 Hatfields. The other buildings on the site are unlisted. The proposal is to replace the unlisted buildings with a new commercial building, providing potential space for a range of business uses. The scheme will deliver a new east-west route through the development, providing a large public space. From this space, the public will have lift access to a large publicly accessible roof terrace.

In advance of submission Overcourt Ltd held constructive pre-application meetings with Officers at the London Borough of Southwark and attended meetings with key stakeholders, as well as two well-attended public exhibitions

Application Update

An Addendum Design Statement has been prepared to detail proposed design revisions to the submitted planning and listed building consent applications currently pending determination.

The aims of these changes are to minimise visibility from street level and to improve the relationship between the proposed extension and the existing building that are appropriate in scale, form and materials.

The following scheme amendments are therefore proposed:

- Reduction of the extent of demolition previously shown to the existing listed building at 16-17 Hatfields;

- Redesign of the proposed roof extension above 15-17 Hatfields, reducing the height of the glazing and thus reducing visibility in views from street level;

- Greater retention of lightwell along the Hatfields elevation;

- Revised design approach that will set back the third, fourth and fifth floor extensions above 1-3 Paris Garden. This will allow for a greater view and enhancement of the Grade II listed building, whilst still replacing the ad hoc extensions above the original building.

A consequence of the reduction in the massing above 1-3 Paris Garden is a reduction in the extent of the proposed roof terrace. The publicly accessible roof terrace will now be limited to the area at fifth floor level above 16-19 Hatfields. These proposed amendments have been developed in consultation with Officers at the London Borough of Southwark.

If you have any questions or concerns about the application, please let us know either by emailing or by calling 020 3900 3676, and we will arrange for members of the project team to speak with you.


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